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Figure 3

From: A structural constraint for functional interaction between N-terminal and C-terminal domains in simian immunodeficiency virus capsid proteins

Figure 3

Passage of SIVmac239Gag205E culture supernatants. HSC-F cells were infected with SIVmac239Gag205E. The culture supernatant on day 10 was added to fresh HSC-F cells to start the second culture. Viral RNAs were extracted from the first culture supernatant on day 10 and the second culture supernatant on day 16 after the initial infection and subjected to sequence analyses. Dominant amino acid at the 340th residue remained V on day 10 in all cases but was M on day 16 in two of four sets of experiments (Gag340M was detectable on day 10 in these two sets of experiments). No other amino acid change was observed in the CA-coding region.

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