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Table 1 Summary of the phenotypes of the SIV variants.

From: Relative replication capacity of phenotypic SIV variants during primary infections differs with route of inoculation

Virus Type Name In vivopathogenesis In vitroReplication Capacity
   Relative Viral Load# CD4+T cell decline Infectivity Co-stimulated Lymphoblasts Macrophages Dendritic Cells Resting CD4+T Cells DC-T Cell Co-cultures
Early SIVmneCl8 1/1 Slow Low Low Moderate ND* ND Low
Late SIVmne027 30/4000 Rapid High High Low ND Low High
  1. #Differences in plasma viral loads during the acute and chronic stages (acute/set-point) following intravenous inoculation are indicated relative to SIVmneCl8.
  2. *ND, not detected
  3. References describing the variant viruses: [21, 22, 27, 34, 41, 6267]