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Figure 3

From: Relative replication capacity of phenotypic SIV variants during primary infections differs with route of inoculation

Figure 3

Plasma viral loads from in vivo co-infections. Macaques were infected with equal doses of SIVmneCl8 and SIVmne027 using either an intravenous route of inoculation (a), animals 29046 (gray circle/open circle), 29047 (gray triangle/open triangle) and 29048 (gray square/open square) or an intrarectal route of inoculation (b), animals 28488 (black circle/open circle), 28489 (black triangle/open triangle) and 28490 (black square/open square). Total virus in plasma was determined by measuring consensus sequence gag RNA transcripts (--) by quantitative real-time PCR. SIVmneCl8 specific viral RNA levels were also measured by quantitative real-time PCR and are reported as percentages of total viral RNA (ยทยทยทยท). Viral RNA values represent the average reading for each time point.

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