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Figure 2

From: Subtype-associated differences in HIV-1 reverse transcription affect the viral replication

Figure 2

Generation of recombinant HIV-1 proviral clones comprising fragments of pol gene from subtype B and C isolates. Schematic presentation of the pol gene region of subtype B backbone NL4-3 (panel A) and subtype C backbone1084i (B) viruses, recombinant NL-based viruses (C-E and G), and recombinant 1084i-based construct (F). The indicated fragments of the gag-pol or pol genes from subtype B (isolates NL4-3 and YU-2) or subtype C (isolates 1084i, 1984i and 2669i) proviral DNA were PCR-amplified with primers containing sites of the indicated restriction endonucleases, and inserted into the linearized NL4-3 or HIV1084i proviral vectors to replace the homologous fragments. Selected molecular clones were used for transfection of 293T/17 cells to generate infectious recombinant virus strains.

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