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Figure 4

From: In silico modeling indicates the development of HIV-1 resistance to multiple shRNA gene therapy differs to standard antiretroviral therapy

Figure 4

Effect on the resistance profile in the Tx and UNTx compartments over 5000 days. The percentage of cells, both Tx and UNTx, infected with virus that is wt, or completely resistant to 1 (m = 1) or 2 (m = 2) shRNA and monitored over 5000 days. Scenarios include A) 6 shRNAs (S1), B) 4 shRNAs (S2) and C) 2 shRNAs (S3), D) 60n % efficacy (S4), E) 50n % fitness (S6), F) 1% marking and 50n % fitness (S7) and G) 90% fitness (S10) and H) Class II inhibition only (S11). Assumptions for each scenario are indicated where - × = number of shRNA, - e = efficacy, - HSC+ = hematopoietic stem cells transduced to contain the gene therapeutic and - f = fitness. Populations that were essentially zero were unable to be plotted on a log scale, and are indicated with an appropriate marker placed at the end of the abscissa.

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