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Table 1 Stability of HIV-1 genomic RNA as predicted in Mfold

From: Mutations in matrix and SP1 repair the packaging specificity of a Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 mutant by reducing the association of Gag with spliced viral RNA

HIV-1 RNA a ΔG (kcal/mol)
NL4-3 -376.6
NL-913 -376.5
NL-1907 -378.2
NLΔSL1 -363.1
NLΔSL1-913 -363.0
NLΔSL1-1907 -364.6
  1. a Genomic RNA nt 456 to 2080 of NL4-3, NL-913 and NL-1907, and nt 456 to 2037 of NLΔSL1, NLΔSL1-913 and NLΔSL1-1907 were used for folding predictions.