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Figure 6

From: Mutations in matrix and SP1 repair the packaging specificity of a Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 mutant by reducing the association of Gag with spliced viral RNA

Figure 6

Characterization of the cellular RNA in the wild-type and SL1 deletion mutant virions. The same cDNA preparations used to measure HIV-1 RNA content in the virion in Figure 5 were subjected to qPCR characterization targeting cellular Y1, Y3 and SRP RNA. The amount of cellular RNA in the NL4-3 virion was set at 100%. Copy numbers for Y1, Y3 and SRP RNA were 275-362, 1,710-2,006 and 1.1 × 106-1.3 × 106, respectively, as determined in four independent experiments.

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