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Figure 7 | Retrovirology

Figure 7

From: Expression of a protein involved in bone resorption, Dkk1, is activated by HTLV-1 bZIP factor through its activation domain

Figure 7

HBZ activates Dkk1 expression in an uninfected and an HTLV-1-infected T-cell line. (A) Dkk1 expression in uninfected and HTLV-1-infected T-cell lines. Levels of Dkk1 and UBE2D2 mRNA were analyzed by reverse transcriptase PCR. Cell lines and expression vectors are indicated. + RT and -RT denote cDNA synthesis with and without (mock synthesis) reverse transcriptase, respectively. (B) Ectopic expression of HBZ in transfected cells. Total cellular lysates from Jurkat (35 μg) and MT-2 (125 μg) cells were subjected to Western blot analysis using antibodies directed against Myc and β actin, as indicated.

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