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Table 5 Functional classification of differentially expressed genes in monocytes of therapy-naïve and HIV patients

From: Transcriptome analysis of monocyte-HIV interactions

Immune function: chemotaxis Immune function: inactivation Immune function: activation Anti-apoptotic (cis) Pro-apoptotic (trans) Cell cycle Protein trafficking Transcriptional regulation Metabolic dysregulation
CCL23 ADORA2A IL1F7 ADORA2A [80] IL8 [81] CCL23 [82] CAPG MAFF CCR2 [65]
CCL4L1 LILRB4 PLA2G7 BCL6 [83] HLA-DRA [50] IL8 [84] BCL6 NR0B2 NR0B2 [64]
CCR2   SLC11A1 CCL2 [85] STAT1 [86] NR0B2 [47] MARCKS BCL6 PLA2G7
CX3CR1   BCL6 CDKN1A [87]   BCL6 [88] YWHAZ CDKN1A NAMPT [66, 67]
CXCL2   CD83 NAMPT [89]   CCL2   KLF10  
IL8   IFI30 YWHAZ [90]   CDKN1A [91]   STAT1  
   NAMPT    HLA-DRA [50]    
   PTGER2    KLF10 [92]    
   STAT1    NAMPT    
      STAT1 [55]    
  1. Official Gene Symbols are shown; genes in italics are downregulated, genes in boldface are upregulated.