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Figure 6

From: Live cell visualization of the interactions between HIV-1 Gag and the cellular RNA-binding protein Staufen1

Figure 6

Gag localizes near Rab7-, Rab9- and LAMP1-containing membranes at cytoplasmic and juxtanuclear sites in Staufen1-depleted cells. HeLa cells were transfected with pCMV-Rev, Gag-VN and Gag-VC with either siNS or siStaufen1 siRNAs and one of the following plasmids: (A) Rab5-RFP, (B) Rab7-RFP, (C) Rab9-RFP, (D) LAMP1-RFP or (E) Caveolin-1-RFP. At 24 hr post-transfection, the distributions of Gag-Gag BiFC and RFP fusion proteins were visualized in live cells by laser scanning confocal microscopy. The insets show zoomed boxed regions of cells to demonstrate the levels of co-localization of Gag-Gag BiFC signals with either of membrane marker proteins. White arrows identify Gag-Gag BiFC aggregates. The size bars are equal to 10 μm.

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