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Table 2 Distribution of active MLV ERVs and their expression in selected common strains of laboratory mice.

From: The mouse "xenotropic" gammaretroviruses and their XPR1 receptor

ERV Type Expression Level Laboratory Mouse Strainsa Expressed MLV ERVsb
Emv High AKR, C58, HRS, PL, SL, F/St, C3H/Fg 2-6 Emvs/strain
  Intermediate BALB/c, DBA, RF, CBA, NZW, C57BR, C57BL, C3H/He, SJL 1-2 Emvs/strain
  Low NFS, NIH Swiss, C57L, 129, NZB, SWR -
Xmv High NZB Nzv2, Nzv1
   F/St Bxv1
   C57BL, C57L, BALB/c, DBA, AKR, NZW, HRS Bxv1
   MA/My Bxv1, Mxv1
  Negative (Rare?) NFS, NIH Swiss, A, 129, SWR -
  1. a[54, 210].
  2. b[26, 55, 57]