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Figure 2

From: Lack of evidence for xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus(XMRV) in German prostate cancer patients

Figure 2

Nested PCR for sensitive screening of patient tumor tissue DNA. (A) A nested PCR primer setup was used as indicated for the screening of 589 PCa patient DNA isolated from prostate tumor and stroma tissue. Primer sites are numbered according to the XMRV VP62 sequence (Genbank EF185282). (B) The reproducible detection limit was 10 copies of plasmid DNA in human genomic DNA resulting in a 174 bp PCR product for XMRV. In the experiment shown even 1 copy could be amplified. Mouse tail DNA (MT) was used as positive control yielding a 198 bp product amplified from endogenous genomic MLV sequences. (C) Nested-PCR screen of the first 16 QQ patients (lane 1-16) with the In-For and Deletion-Rev primer pair (upper panel) and In-For and In-Rev primer setup (lower panel); lane 17 = mouse tail DNA, lane 18 = water control outer PCR mix, lane 19 = water control inner PCR mix, lane 20 = pXMRV, lane 21 = pDG75, marker = 100 bp marker.

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