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Figure 1

From: Visualizing fusion of pseudotyped HIV-1 particles in real time by live cell microscopy

Figure 1

Immunoblot analysis of purified particles. pCHIV.mCherry derived particles pseudotyped with the indicated Env proteins were purified from the supernatant of 293T cells co-transfected with the respective plasmids by ultracentrifugation through a sucrose cushion. Samples were separated by SDS-PAGE (12.5% acrylamide), transferred to nitrocellulose according to standard procedures and proteins were detected by quantitative immunoblot (Li-Cor) using the following antisera: anti-CA (top panel); anti-mCherry (second panel); anti gp70 (third panel); anti-GFP (bottom panel). Positions of molecular mass standards (in kDa) are shown at the left.

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