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Table 4 Protease and Reverse Transcriptase HLA-HIV codon associations in free plasma virus RNA and PBMC proviral DNA for the Mexican cohort.

From: Unique features of HLA-mediated HIV evolution in a Mexican cohort: a comparative study

Free plasma virus pol sequences† PBMC proviral pol sequences†
HLA Associated HIV Codon Conditioning variables p-value q-value HLA Associated HIV codon Conditioning variables p-value q-value
       A*02c PR 15I PR 77Vc, PR 36Md, PR 13Ia 0,0010442 0,1522376
A*03b RT 277R   1,14E-08 1,10E-05 A*03b RT 277R   1,74E-09 1,48E-05
A*03a RT 277K   1,14E-08 1,10E-05 A*03a RT 277K   1,74E-09 1,48E-05
A*11b RT 333E PR 35Ec, RT 293Ia, RT 207Qd, PR 62Id 0,00113806 0,1336789       
A*30c RT 281K RT 278Qd 0,00109204 0,1336789       
A*68a RT 326V   0,00035689 0,1048983       
B*07b RT 165I   0,00067347 0,1191747       
B*07a RT 165T   0,00067347 0,1191747       
B*18b RT 138A   0,00012948 0,0494756       
B*18a RT 138E   0,00012948 0,0494756       
B*18b RT 245E PR 45Kc 0,00068267 0,1191747       
B*18b RT 177D   0,00094587 0,1312293 B*18b RT 177D RT 123Dd, RT 121D d 0,0017257 0,19555
B*18a RT 177E   0,00094513 0,1312293 B*18a RT 177E   0,0006388 0,1183628
B*18a RT 245V   0,00115452 0,1336789       
B*27a RT 135I B*51a, PR 12Td, RT 202Id 0,00096164 0,1312293       
B*39a RT 102R B*48b, RT 64Ka 0,00016533 0,0539628       
B*39c PR 71V PR 93Ld, PR 39Pa, PR 57Kd, Cw*15b 0,00193116 0,1994313 B*39c PR 71V PR 57Ra, PR 93Ic, Cw*15d, RT 178Mb, PR 39Pa 0,0003592 0,0888581
       B*39a PR 60E PR 39Qb, PR 37Db, PR 37Eb 0,0019258 0,199068
B*44b PR 35D   1,16E-08 1,10E-05 B*44b PR 35D   5,77E-08 0,0002091
B*44a PR 35E   1,16E-08 1,10E-05 B*44a PR 35E   5,77E-08 0,0002091
B*44a RT 211R   0,00112279 0,1336789       
B*44a RT 329I RT 334Lb 0,00120957 0,1359348       
B*48b RT 102R   2,47E-08 1,89E-05 B*48b RT 102R   1,53E-11 3,88E-07
B*48a RT 102K   0,00016947 0,0539628 B*48a RT 102K   1,90E-05 0,0120849
       B*48a RT 276V RT 272Pc, Cw*07c 0,0005419 0,1049938
       B*49a RT 48S   0,0004979 0,1035941
       B*49b RT 48T   0,0004979 0,1035941
B*51 a RT 135I   4,03E-07 0,0002198       
B*51b PR 12S   0,00038855 0,1060476       
B*51b PR 14R RT 135Ia, RT 200A a 0,00144043 0,1528856 B*51b PR 14R   7,41E-06 0,005226
B*51 a PR 14K RT 135Ib, RT 200Ab 0,00138006 0,1506635 B*51a PR 14K   7,41E-06 0,005226
B*52b PR 12A   5,59E-07 0,0002671 B*52b PR 12A RT 135Td 0,0005416 0,1049938
B*52 a PR 12T   3,73E-08 2,38E-05 B*52a PR 12T   1,60E-06 0,0016939
B*57b RT 297A   0,00060553 0,1191747 B*57b RT 297A   0,0004121 0,0941468
       Cw*03b RT 283I   0,0017747 0,1964929
       Cw*03a RT 283L   0,0017747 0,1964929
Cw*03b PR 12P PR 14Rd, PR 67Cc 0,00070538 0,1191747       
Cw*05b RT 214L RT 118Ib 0,00065426 0,1191747 Cw*05b RT 214L RT 118Vc 0,0002149 0,0665192
Cw*05 a RT 214F RT 118Ia 0,00065426 0,1191747 Cw*05a RT 214F RT 118Vd 0,0002149 0,0665192
Cw*07c RT 276V RT 272Pc 0,00054742 0,1191747 Cw*07c RT 276V RT 272Pc 0,0004154 0,0941468
Cw*07 a RT 179D   0,00072749 0,1191747       
Cw*12b RT 162S PR 64Lb, RT 165Tc, PR 91Tc, RT 135Va 0,00106536 0,1336789       
Cw*15a PR 18Q   0,00074855 0,1191747       
Cw*15b PR 71V PR 93Ld, PR 39Pa, PR 57Kd 0,0009574 0,1312293       
  1. †Associations for 250 plasma virus sequences and the corresponding PBMC proviral sequences with q < 0.2 are shown. a escape (having the predictor makes it less likely to have the target), b attraction (having the predictor makes it more likely to have the target), c reversion (not having the predictor makes it more likely to have the target), d repulsion (not having the predictor makes it less likely to have the target.