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Table 3 Point differences in consensus sequences between the Mexican and the HOMER cohorts.

From: Unique features of HLA-mediated HIV evolution in a Mexican cohort: a comparative study

HIV position Susceptible Escaped Mexican Consensus HOMER Consensus B Consensus Associated HLA Mexican cohort Associated HLA HOMER cohort HLA frequency Mexican cohort HLA frequency HOMER cohort
PR 93 I L L I I - B*15 0.0702 0.1131
RT 211 R G, K K K R B*44 B*44, B*15 0.0616† 0.1059†
RT 272 P, A S P A A B*08 B*42 0.0154† 0.0693†
RT 277 K R K R K A*03 A*03 0.0411 0.1235
RT 293 - - I V I - - - -
  1. †Frequency of the associated HLA allele in the Mexican cohort is shown.