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Figure 4

From: Unique features of HLA-mediated HIV evolution in a Mexican cohort: a comparative study

Figure 4

Marked differences in HLA allele frequencies in three clade B-infected cohorts. Population frequencies for class I HLA genes A, B and C were compared between the Mexican cohort described in this study (n = 292) (dark grey). The combined IHAC cohort including individuals from British Columbia, Canada; Western Australia and the USA (n = 1845) (light grey) [37] (Brumme ZL, John M, et al, PLoS ONE 2009, in press), and the British Columbia HOMER cohort (n = 1045) (white) described in detail previously [34]. **Significant differences (q < 0.05) between the Mexican cohorts and both the IHAC and the HOMER cohorts, *significant differences (q < 0.05) between the Mexican cohort and the IHAC cohort only.

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