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Table 3 Average pairwise dN and dS values estimated at non-epitope and CTL epitope regions.

From: Discovery of novel targets for multi-epitope vaccines: Screening of HIV-1 genomes using association rule mining

  dN SE# dS SE P value *
CTL epitopes involved in association rules 0.01696 0.00982 0.37794 0.20974 < 0.01
CTL epitopes not involved in association rules 0.12168 0.06814 0.50929 0.18780 < 0.01
Non-epitope regions 0.14698 0.10288 0.53472 0.12572 < 0.01
  1. This involves all CTL epitopes and non-epitope regions from all the HIV-1 genomic sequences included in the study. CTL Epitope regions are divided into those involved in association rules and those not involved.
  2. # Standard errors were estimated with 100 bootstrap replications in MEGA4.
  3. * In pairwise t-tests, the null hypothesis of dS = dN was rejected in all three comparisons.