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Figure 1

From: Close phylogenetic relationship between Angolan and Romanian HIV-1 subtype F1 isolates

Figure 1

Majority-rule Bayesian consensus tree of HIV-1 subtype F1 env-gp120 (310 bp) sequences. Posterior probabilities are shown for key nodes. The names of HIV-1 isolates include reference to subtype, country of isolation, and year of isolation. The color of each branch within the subtype F1 cluster represents the country (or geographic region) of origin of sequence corresponding to that branch, according to the legend in the figure. The asterisks point at the subtype F1 Angolan sequences described in the present work. Brackets indicate the different monophyletic clusters identified. The trees were rooted using subtype C reference sequences as outgroups. Horizontal branch lengths are drawn to scale with the bar at the bottom indicating 0.1 nucleotide substitutions per site.

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