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Figure 2

From: Conservation of Nef function across highly diverse lineages of SIVsmm

Figure 2

Alignment of SIV and HIV-2 Nef sequences. The SIVmac239 sequence is shown in the upper panel for comparison. Some conserved sequence elements in Nef, including the N-terminal myristoylation signal, N-proximal tyrosines (52–54), PA residues known to be critical for CD4 down-modulation by 239 wt Nef (58), the acidic and proline-rich regions, a diarginine motif, a C-proximal adaptor-protein (AP) interaction site (52), a diacidic putative VlH binding site and a Y residue involved in MHC-I down-regulation (52, 56,57) are indicated schematically. Dots indicate identity with the 239 wt Nef sequence and dashes gaps introduced to optimize the alignment.

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