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Figure 1

From: Accuracy estimation of foamy virus genome copying

Figure 1

Analysis of the FV in vivo mutation rate and APOBEC3G expression. (A) Construct pKG83 used to evaluate the FV mutation rate in vivo. Marker gene EGFP was used for identification of infected cells. The locations of the primers (#4250 and #4254) used to amplify proviral sequences for sequencing are indicated. (B) Quantitative determination of APOBEC3G mRNA in HEK 293T (three runs) and HeLa cells as well as in PMBCs (two runs of two different PBMC preparations). H2O served as negative control. (C) Relative amounts of APOBEC3G mRNA in HEK 293T cells and in PBMCs (set to 100%) with respect to the amounts detected for the three housekeeping genes β-actin, GAPDH, and SDHA.

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