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Table 1 Participating patients in sample donation to the HIV Research BioBank and the date of creation and the sample types donated and for each cohort.

From: The Spanish HIV BioBank: a model of cooperative HIV research

Cohort   Creation's date Sample Type # of patients with samples in the BioBank
Adultsa)   3rd June 2004 Blood 2,865
LTNPsb)   3rd June 2004 Blood 181
Rapid progressorsc)   7th February 2008 Blood 19
Non-regeneratorsd)   5th February 2008 Blood 12
Recent infectionse) 90 days of HIV+ 7th February 2008 Blood 13
  180 days of HIV+    15
OLT-HIVf)   24th January 2008 Blood, liver and spleen biopsies 21
  1. a) Cohort of Adults (CoRIS): includes patients older than 13 with a confirmed diagnosis of HIV-infection that have not received prior antiretroviral treatment and are being seen for the first time in the participating center; b) Cohort of Long Term Non-Progresors (LTNP): includes patients who have T-lymphocyte counts > 500/μL and undetectable viremia for more than 10 years; c) Cohort of Rapid Progressors: includes patients whose CD4 levels have fallen below 300 in less than 3 years after seroconversion and with a window of less than 3 years between the last negative and first positive HIV test; d) Cohort of Lymphocyte Non-Regenerators: includes patients who began HAART with T-lymphocyte < 200/μL that remained under observation with high activity antiretroviral therapy (HAART) treatment during a period of at least 2 years during which the viremia was consistently undetectable. At the conclusion of the observation period, their CD4 values must not have reached the critical level of 250 cells/μl and e) Cohort of Recent Infection: patients with a documented date of seroconversion less than 6 months prior; f) Cohort of HIV-infected patients with organ liver transplant (OLT-HIV): includes HIV-infected patients that have received a liver transplant primarily as a consequence of hepatitis C virus (VHC) induced cirrhosis.