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Figure 4 | Retrovirology

Figure 4

From: Suppression of HIV-1 replication by microRNA effectors

Figure 4

HIV-1 mRNA co-localizes with RCK/p54 and Ago2. HeLa cells were transfected with Myc-Ago2 expression vector either alone (top panels) or co-transfected with HIV-1 vector containing 24 repeats of MS2 binding sites and MS2-GFP expression vectors [64, 65] (lower panels). Endogenous RCK/p54 and transfected Myc-Ago2 were visualized using specific primary antibodies and appropriate secondary antibodies coupled with Cy5 (shown in blue) and Cy3 (red) respectively. HIV-1 RNA bound to MS2-GFP is shown in green. Green, blue and red merged images are shown.

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