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Figure 1

From: When is it time for reverse transcription to start and go?

Figure 1

A scheme of the HIV-1 replication complex. The genomic RNA in a dimeric form is coated by about 1500 nucleocapsid (NC) protein molecules (in red) in the viral core particle. Molecular interactions have been characterized, at least in part, namely (i) the two viral RNAs via DIS, DLS, 5'-3' and other interactions to form the dimeric 60S complex (black lines), (ii) the primer tRNALys3 (thin black line) annealed to the viral PBS RNA, (iii) NC molecules coating the viral RNA and tRNA (NC basic residues and zinc fingers), (iv) the primer tRNALys3 bound to RTp66-p51(in blue), (v) the viral RNA and RT, (vi) NC and RT and (vii) NC and NC molecules. Viral proteins such as IN and Vif that may play a role in viral DNA synthesis are not represented in this scheme. For references see text.

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