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Figure 1

From: APOBEC3G mRNA expression in exposed seronegative and early stage HIV infected individuals decreases with removal of exposure and with disease progression

Figure 1

hA3G mRNA expression in ES, HC and HIV infected patients at different stages of disease. Results for log hAG3 mRNA expression in healthy control subjects, exposed seronegative individuals, HIV+ patients that have consistently low viral loads (LVL) < 10,000 copies/μL for at least 3 years, and typical progressors. Typical progressors are shown as a regression over CD4+ cell/μL, with Spearman's Rho and significance marked. Horizontal lines show the median, sloped solid line is the linear regression, and the flanking dashed lines show the 95% confidence interval for the mean. Horizontal lines with arrows show the significant differences between groups (Mann-Whitney's U test).

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