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Figure 5

From: Recruitment of HIV-1 envelope occurs subsequent to lipid mixing: a fluorescence microscopic evidence

Figure 5

Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP) assay of HIV-1 Env-EGFP. FRAP was used to analyze the mobility of Env-EGFP, which was measured by analyzing the recovery/return of fluorescent signals into the bleached ROI (region of interest). The fluorescent intensity of ROI 1 (experimental one) decreased to 15% after the pulse and recovered to 65% of its original intensity 1 minute later (Panel A), and the ROI 2 (A) is the control region without bleaching. Panel B displays the fluorescent image of Env-EGFP-expressing effector cells, with ROI 1 of bleaching and ROI 2 of control region indicated.

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