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Table 2 Overview of the selected mimotope groups

From: Evolution of antibody landscape and viral envelope escape in an HIV-1 CRF02_AG infected patient with 4E10-like antibodies

Mimotope AA Motif Location in the ITM4 Env Sequence Times Selected Cross Reactivity a
NWFNLTQTLMPR gp41 MPER region 18 1/80 (1.3%)
KxWWxA gp120 C1 region 12 0/80 (0.0%)
SLxxLRL gp41 LLP2 region 7 1/80 (1.3%)
KxxxIGPHxxY gp120 V3 region 3 10/80 (12.5%)
  1. a Number of HIV-1+plasma samples cross-reacting with the mimotope group.