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Figure 9 | Retrovirology

Figure 9

From: Inhibition of HIV-1 integrase nuclear import and replication by a peptide bearing integrase putative nuclear localization signal

Figure 9

NLS-IN-Pen peptide inhibits HIV-1. (A) Cell-cycle arrested TZM-b1 cells (non-dividing cells) were incubated with the designated peptides at the indicated concentrations and after HIV-1 infection were tested for β-galactosidase activity. (B) Experimental conditions were as in (A), but with dividing TZM-b1 cells. The number of integration events per cell was determined in cell-cycle arrested (non-dividing) cells (C) or dividing cells (D) following incubation with the designated peptides at different concentrations. Cells were infected with HIV-1 at a MOI of 1 as described in Methods. (E) Inhibition of HIV-1 replication by NLS-IN-Pen as well as SV40-NLS-Pen is dependent on its time of addition. Sup-T1 cells were infected with HIV-1 at a MOI of 2, and the indicated elements were added at different time points after infection (0, 2, 4,..., 24 h). Viral p24 production was determined 48 h PI. Error bars represent standard deviation which is about +/-5%. All other experimental conditions are as described in Methods.

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