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Figure 7

From: Inhibition of HIV-1 integrase nuclear import and replication by a peptide bearing integrase putative nuclear localization signal

Figure 7

NLS-IN-Pen inhibits IN nuclear import by the dissociation of IN-importin α interaction in HIV-infected cells. (A) H9 lymphocytes were infected by wild-type HIV-1, and after infection half of the cells' lysate volume was subjected to SDS-PAGE, then immunoblotted with either by anti-IN, anti-importin α (anti-Impα) antibody or an anti-actin antibody. The complementary HRP-conjugated antibodies were used as the second antibody. The remaining lysate or isolated fractions were co-IP with either the anti-Impα or anti-IN antibodies and were immunoblotted with these antibodies, and the complementary HRP-conjugated antibodies as second antibodies. When peptides were used, cells were incubated with 150 μM of the indicated peptide. All others experimental details were as described in Methods. (B) HeLaP4 cells were infected and immunostained as described in Methods. IN (red); DAPI (blue); the area marked in the merge picture was magnified for a better view of IN localization within the infected cell. Bar 10 μm.

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