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Figure 1

From: Dynamics of viral replication in blood and lymphoid tissues during SIVmac251 infection of macaques

Figure 1

The dynamics of CD4+ T cells, viral replication and dissemination of the virus in the peripheral blood of SIV-infected macaques. We divided macaques into the low and high replication groups (black and red full lines, respectively), regardless of the viral doses used for inoculation, and according to the level of plasma viral load at set point (day 100 pi. 105/ml copies RNA). The symbols of macaques infected with low dose (50 AID50) and high dose (5,000 AID50) were represented by black and red colors respectively. (A) Changes in absolute CD4+ T-cell counts in peripheral blood. (B-C-D) Changes in viral RNA levels in plasma and viral DNA and 2LTR circle levels in the PBMCs. (E-F) Correlations between 2LTR circle levels and viral DNA or plasma viral RNA levels.

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