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Figure 4

From: The V1-V3 region of a brain-derived HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein determines macrophage tropism, low CD4 dependence, increased fusogenicity and altered sensitivity to entry inhibitors

Figure 4

Sensitivity of pseudotypes to fusion inhibitors. Pseudotypes were incubated for 1 h. at 37°C with fusion inhibitors T-1249 (A) and T-1249-BR (a peptide that contains amino acid residues conserved in brain but absent in spleen derived Env of one individual) (B), and then the mixture was used to infect HOS-CD4-CCR5 cells. Pseudotypes containing BR, BS, Bv1v3, Bv1v2 and BR(N283T) Env were significantly less sensitive to T-1249 and T-1249-BR than those with SPL and SB Env. Data from a representative experiment repeated at least 4 times with similar results are shown.

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