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Figure 6

From: Direct Vpr-Vpr Interaction in Cells monitored by two Photon Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging

Figure 6

Distribution histograms of anomalous diffusion coefficients, diffusion times and count rates/species of eGFP, Vpr-eGFP and ΔQ44 Vpr-eGFP. The anomalous diffusion coefficient (coefficient that accounts for the obstacles encountered by the diffusing species), diffusion times (average time needed to cross the focal volume) and brightness (count rates/species) determined by FCS are expressed as a function of the number of occurrences. A-C correspond to eGFP; D-F correspond to Vpr-eGFP; G-I correspond to ΔQ44 Vpr-eGFP.

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