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Figure 1

From: Impaired nuclear import and viral incorporation of Vpr derived from a HIV long-term non-progressor

Figure 1

Late-stage LTNP-derived GFP-Vpr samples show decreased levels of nuclear accumulation compared to wildtype Vpr and progressing donors B and C. (A) HeLa cells were transfected with indicated GFP-Vpr constructs using Lipofectamine 2000™ with confocal images obtained 14 hours later using an Olympus FV1000 CLSM. (B) Analysis of CLSM images (as per A) with ImageJ was performed to determine the Fn/c. As a whole, late-stage samples from patient A (A6-2, A6-3, A6-4) and the Vpr (F72L) point mutant displayed significantly (p < 0.0001) reduced Fn/c ratios compared to wildtype Vpr. (C) Sequence analysis of patient-derived vpr sequences identifies F72L substitution mutation (as indicated) uniquely within all GFP-Vpr constructs with reduced nuclear accumulation.

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