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Table 3 Calculated ΔG values (kcal/mol at 37°C) for lentiviral SL1 region folding.

From: Regulation of primate lentiviral RNA dimerization by structural entrapment

  SL1 version nts folded ΔG
HIV-2 short 408–436 -10.2
HIV-2 stem B 392–444 -18.2
HIV-2 extended stem B 392–449 a -36.4
SIV short 409–433 -7
SIV stem B 393–445 -15.9
HIV-1 short 248–270 -6.7
HIV-1 stem B 243–277 -10.9 b
  1. The indicated energies are given for the most stable (initial ΔG value) secondary structure.
  2. a: nts 437 and 438 have been substituted by seven nts (Figure 6C). Thus nt 444 would be numbered 449 in this mutated sequence.
  3. b: The indicated energy is given for the structure described in Figure 5C that was obtained with a constrained 243–277 base pair. Without constraint, the lower part of stem C in the most stable structure folds with a 243–272 base pair (as studied in [48]).