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Figure 1

From: Viral complementation allows HIV-1 replication without integration

Figure 1

Gene expression from cells infected with integrating and non-integrating HIV-1 reporter viruses. NLENG1-ES-IRES [43] ("WT-GFP") or an integrase D116N mutant version of NLENG1-ES-IRES ("D116N-GFP"), each pseudotyped with VSV-G protein, were used to infect Jurkat cells (4.4 ng p24 on 2 × 10^5 cells) and analyzed by flow cytometry 48 and 72 hours after infection. Integrase inhibitor 118-D-24, or DMSO carrier, was applied to some cells at 200 μM at the time of infection with integrase-WT virus. Data are representative of several independent experiments. Table shows the percentage of cells that were GFP+ ("% Pos.") and the mean fluorescence (MF) of the GFP+ cells divided by the background fluorescence of the GFP-negative cells ("MF(+/-)"). "Product" is the % Pos. multiplied by the MF(+/-) and represents the overall GFP gene expression from the infected cells. Numbers in parentheses represent the fold reduction vs. WT virus. "II" = integrase inhibitor. Dot plots show GFP fluorescence in the X axis and arbitrarily chosen red background fluorescence on the Y-axis.

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