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Figure 1 | Retrovirology

Figure 1

From: Mechanisms of HIV non-progression; robust and sustained CD4+ T-cell proliferative responses to p24 antigen correlate with control of viraemia and lack of disease progression after long-term transfusion-acquired HIV-1 infection

Figure 1

Immunovirological status of the surviving non-progressors, showing T cell counts; viral RNA copies/ml plasma (data generated from the Roche Amplicore standard assay, limit of detection 400, and Ultrasensitive assay, limit of detection 50, plotted separately); T cell proliferative responses to recombinant HIV-1 p24 (stimulation index; significant responses >3, defined by the broken line); and IFN╬│ responses (ELISPOT) by CTL against autologous BCL expressing HIV-1 antigens after infection with recombinant vaccinia. *SBBC member.

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