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Table 1 H-index and citation frequencies of selected Retrovirology editorial board members.

From: H-index, mentoring-index, highly-cited and highly-accessed: how to evaluate scientists?

Title Name Role within Retrovirology Institution City Country H index Total times cited since 1996
Dr. Kuan-Teh Jeang Editor-in-Chief NIH Bethesda USA 43 9082
Dr. Monsef Benkirane Editor CNRS Montpellier France 20 1751
Dr. Ben Berkhout Editor Academic Med. Ctr Amsterdam the Netherlands 38 6022
Dr. Andrew ML Lever Editor Cambridge University Cambridge UK 19 1919
Dr. Mark Wainberg Editor McGill University Montreal Canada 39 9519
Dr. Masahiro Fujii Editor Niigata University Niigata Japan 19 1686
Dr. Michael Lairmore Editor Ohio State University Columbus USA 20 1933
Dr. Michael Bukrinsky Ed Board George Washington Univ Washington DC USA 25 4913
Dr. Dong-yan Jin Ed Board Hong Kong U Hong Kong China 22 2402
Dr. Klaus Strebel Ed Board NIH Bethesda USA 25 3889
Dr. Tom J. Hope Ed Board U. Illinois Chicago USA 26 4307
Dr. Ariberto Fassati Ed Board University College London England 11 524
Dr. Stephane Emiliani Ed Board Cochin Institute Paris France 17 1774
Dr. Patrick Green Ed Board Ohio State Columbus USA 17 918
Dr. Mauro Giacca Ed Board Int. Ctr. Genetics Trieste Italy 35 5051
Dr. Olivier Schwartz Ed Board Institut Pasteur Paris France 27 3657
Dr. Leonid Margolis Ed Board National Inst Child Health Bethesda USA 22 1745
Dr. Fatah Kashanchi Ed Board George Washington U. Washington DC USA 26 2503
Dr. Masao Matsuoka Ed Board Kyoto University Kyoto Japan 24 1992
Dr. Naoki Mori Ed Board University of the Ryukyus Okinawa Japan 24 1982
Dr. Chou-Zen Giam Ed Board Uniform Services Med School Bethesda USA 14 1454
Dr. David Derse Ed Board NCI Frederick USA 13 1667
Dr. Tatsuo Shioda Ed Board Osaka Univ Osaka Japan 24 1956
Dr. John Semmes Ed Board Eastern Virginia Med College Norfolk USA 27 2953
Dr. Anne Gatignol Ed Board McGill Univ. Montreal Canada 14 1012
Dr. Rogier Sanders Ed Board Academic Med Ctr. Amsterdam the Netherlands 13 845
Dr. Chen Liang Ed Board McGill Univ. Montreal Canada 19 915
Dr. Finn Skou Pedersen Ed Board University of Aarhus Aarhus Denmark 19 1490
Dr. Janice Clements Ed Board Johns Hopkins Med School Baltimore USA 23 3454
Dr. Renaud Mahieux Ed Board Pasteur Inst Paris France 23 1312
Dr. Chris Aiken Ed Board Vanderbilt University Nashville USA 18 2347
Dr. Neil Almond Ed Board NIBSC Potters Bar UK 12 1121
Dr. Stephen P. Goff Ed Board Columbia University New York USA 41 13771
Dr. Johnson Mak Ed Board Burnet Inst. Med. Research Victoria Australia 15 1298
Dr. Christine Kozak Ed Board NIH Bethesda USA 29 7489
Dr. Greg Towers Ed Board University College London UK 17 1392
Dr. Graham Taylor Ed Board Imperial College London UK 15 1567
Dr. Eric Cohen Ed Board Univ. Montreal Montreal Canada 27 3221
Dr. William Hall Ed Board University College Dublin Dublin Ireland 21 2071
Dr. Warner Greene Ed Board UCSF San Francisco USA 39 10133
Dr. Jean-luc Darlix Ed Board U. Lyon Lyon France 32 5654
Dr. Axel Rethwilm Ed Board U. Wuerzburg Wuerzburg Germany 22 2040
Dr. Eric Freed Ed Board NCI Frederick USA 29 4415
Dr. Toshiki Watanabe Ed Board Univ. of Tokyo Tokyo Japan 22 2167
Dr. Mari Kannagi Ed Board Tokyo Med and Dental U Tokyo Japan 15 1350
Dr. Frank Kirchhoff Ed Board University of Ulm Ulm Germany 30 4520
Dr. Jennifer Nyborg Ed Board Colorado State U Fort Collins USA 17 1571
Dr. Akifumi Takaori-Kondo Ed Board Kyoto University Kyoto Japan 13 589
Dr. Marc Sitbon Ed Board CNRS Montpellier France 12 690
Dr. Paul Gorry Ed Board MacFarlane Burnet Institute Melbourne Australia 13 607
Dr. David Harrich Ed Board Queensland Inst Medical Res. Brisbane Australia 12 1000
Dr. Susan Marriott Ed Board Baylor Houston USA 14 1021
Dr. Damian Purcell Ed Board U Melbourne Melbourne Australia 12 902
Dr. Alan Cochrane Ed Board U Toronto Toronto Canada 10 1080
Dr. Yiming Shao Ed Board China CDC Beijing China 13 977
Dr. Vinayaka Prasad Ed Board Albert Einstein College Medicine New York USA 18 1187