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Figure 5

From: Ubiquitination of HTLV-I Tax in response to DNA damage regulates nuclear complex formation and nuclear export

Figure 5

Mutation of lysine residues 280 and 284 prevents UV-induced dissociation of Tax from TSS. Wild-type (A and B), M33 (C and D), K6R (E and F), K7R (G and H), or K8R (I and J) Tax was transiently expressed in 293 cells for 48 hrs and subjected to 30 J/m2 UV irradiation (B, D, F, H, J) or mock irradiated (A, C, E, G, I) and allowed to recover for 30 min. sc35 (left column) and Tax (left center column) were visualized by immunofluorescent microscopy separately, together (Merged, right center column), or together with DAPI (DAPI Merged, right column). All images are shown at a magnification of 63×.

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