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Figure 5

From: Asn 362 in gp120 contributes to enhanced fusogenicity by CCR5-restricted HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein variants from patients with AIDS

Figure 5

Amino acid sequences spanning the CD4bs in the C3 region of gp120. Amino acid alignments of the C3 region of PA-R5 and A-R5 Envs cloned from the cross sectional panel of primary HIV-1 isolates are compared to those from the highly fusogenic YU2 and ADA R5 Envs, the poorly fusogenic JR-CSF R5 Env, and the clade B consensus sequence. Dots indicate residues identical to the clade B consensus sequence, and dashes indicate gaps. Residues forming the CD4bs and the amino acid present at position 362 (numbered relative to the HXB2 reference sequence) are highlighted.

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