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Figure 6 | Retrovirology

Figure 6

From: The dimerization domain of HIV-1 viral infectivity factor Vif is required to block virion incorporation of APOBEC3G

Figure 6

Virions Treated with Peptide 2 Contain More A3G and have Reduced Infectivity. (A) Virions collected from two separate experiments of HEK293T co-transfected with (+) Vif-provirus, VSV-G and A3G, with and without Peptide 2 treatments (50 μM), were normalized for p24 and sedimented through a sucrose cushion as described in Methods. The resultant pellets were lysed and resolved via SDS-PAGE and western blotted for A3G and p24. P24 was re-probed in the western blot in addition to the p24 ELISA quantification to validate the normalization. (B) Virion samples harvested from the co-transfection were normalized for p24 and infected into JC53-bl cells to quantify infectivity by luminescence analysis as described in Methods. Bars represent standard deviations with an n = 3.

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