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Table 1 Combined HR1-HR2 mutations in the Env protein

From: HIV-1 drug-resistance and drug-dependence

Inhibitor gp41 mutations Report
T20 HR1 HR2  
T20 V38A (GIA) N126K (SKY) Baldwin et al, 2004
Ray et al, 2007
M87 (membrane anchored T20) I48V N126K Hildinger et al, 2001
C34 I37K N126K Nameki et al, 2005
Retrocyclin RC-101 Q66R N126K Cole et al, 2006
T20 N43D S138A Xu et al, 2005
Perez-Alvarez et al, 2006
Ray et al, 2007
T20 N43D E137K Tolstrup et al, 2007