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Figure 3

From: Characterization of the invariable residue 51 mutations of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 capsid protein on in vitro CA assembly and infectivity

Figure 3

Western blot analysis of cell-type dependent expression of HIV-1 proteins. HeLa-tat III, 293T and COS7 cells were transfected as described above with mutant and wild type proviral DNA constructs. Forty-eight hrs post-transfection, cells were washed and harvested in 1× RIPA buffer. Denatured cell lysates were then resolved by SDS-PAGE, transferred to a nitrocellulose membrane and immunoblotted with a pool of two HIV-1 positive sera (A), rabbit anti-cyclophilin A (B), and anti-calnexin (C) antibodies. Positions of specific viral and cellular proteins are indicated on the right.

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