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Figure 8 | Retrovirology

Figure 8

From: Primary T-cells from human CD4/CCR5-transgenic rats support all early steps of HIV-1 replication including integration, but display impaired viral gene expression

Figure 8

Transient expression of human Cyclin T1 in primary rat T-cells boosts early HIV gene expression. (A) Sequence alignment of amino acids 250–290 of human, rat and mouse Cyclin T1. * depicts the critical amino acid position 261. (B) Proviral pHIV-1NL4-3 GFP or pHIV-2ROD-A GFP constructs were co-transfected with increasing amounts of an expression vector encoding for either human Cyclin T1 (phCyclin T1) or no transgene (pcDNA3.1), and cells were analyzed for GFP expression 20 h later by flow cytometry.

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