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Table 1 Rounds of mutagenesis to generate mutations at diploid loci.

From: Isolation and characterization of human cells resistant to retrovirus infection

  6-thioguanine resistant (HPRT-) colonies per 107 cells Diaminopurine resistant (APRT-) colonies per 107 cells
Spontaneous 0 0
Round 1 mutagenesis NA 0
Round 2 mutagenesis NA 0
Round 3 mutagenesis NA 0
Round 4 mutagenesis NA 0
Round 5 mutagenesis NA 1
Round 6 mutagenesis 31 10
Round 7 mutagenesis 26 31
  1. NA = not assayed
  2. Appearance of Diaminopurine and 6-thioguanine resistant colonies examined at each round of mutagenesis with ICR-191. Mutagenized HeLa cells were selected in the presence of 6-thioguanine (6-TG) and Diaminopurine (DAP) to isolate APRT (-) and HPRT (-) colonies respectively, which serve as indicators of mutagenesis at diploid loci.