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Figure 6

From: Isolation and characterization of human cells resistant to retrovirus infection

Figure 6

Synthesis and localization of proviral DNA in wild type and mutant 42-7 cells. Parental (black bars) and 42-7 (grey bars) cells were infected with HIV-1 GFP/VSVG at a moi of 0.5 and viral DNA products quantified at the indicated times. (A) amplification of strong stop early product; (B) full product; (C) 2LTR circles 36 hours after infection; (D) biochemical fractionation of cytoplasmic and nuclear extracts and measurement of the amount of full product 36 hours after infection in parental (black bars) and 42-7 (grey bars) cells; (E) Parental and 42-7 cells were infected with HIV/GFP/VSVG (black bars) or with a viral vector generated with a mutant integrase (grey bars) to examine expression 72 hrs latter of the EGFP reporter from circles and other unintegrated viral products.

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