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Table 2 rev alleles with rare Pro-74, Leu-104 and/or Pro-106 mutationsa

From: Persistence of attenuated HIV-1 rev alleles in an epidemiologically linked cohort of long-term survivors infected with nef-deleted virus

Clade B HIV-1 strain or Rev clone Residue at position: (Clade B consensus residue; frequencyb) Frequency of residue combinationb Status of HIV-1 progressiond GenBank accession no. Reference
  74 (Gln; 0.90) 104 (Val; 0.94) 106 (Ser; 0.97)     
C64 Pro Leu Pro unique LTNP EF634155 This report
D36 Pro Leu Pro unique LTS EF634154 This report
MAc Gln Val Ser 0.884 LTS N/A Iversen et al., [10]
C42 Pro Val Ser 0.049 N/A AF538305 Unpublished
D31 Pro Val Ser 0.049 N/A U43096 Kreutz et al., [48]
UKR1216 Pro Val Ser 0.049 N/A AF193278 Liitsola et al., [49]
NY5CG Gln Leu Ser 0.018 AIDS M38431 Willey et al., [50]
89.6 Pro Val Ser 0.049 AIDS U39362 Collman et al., [51]
WEAU160 Pro Leu Ser 0.006 N/A U21135 Unpublished
1299_d22 His Val Pro 0.018 N/A AY308761 Bernardin et al., [52]
1006_08 Pro Val Ser 0.049 Acute infection AY331284 Bernardin et al., [53]
1058_08 Pro Val Ser 0.049 Acute infection AY331294 Bernardin et al., [53]
PRB959_03 Gln Val Pro 0.018 Acute infection AY331296 Bernardin et al., [53]
RU128005 Gln Val Pro 0.018 N/A AY682547 Unpublished
98USHVTN3605c9 Pro Val Ser 0.049 N/A AY560108 Unpublished
PCM013 Glu Leu Ser 0.018 N/A AY561237 Unpublished
50333-03 Gln Leu Ser 0.018 LTS U30750 Iversen et al., [10]
931395-04 Pro Val Ser 0.049 AIDS U30775 Iversen et al., [10]
LA-09 Gln Leu Pro 0.006 AIDS U30785 Iversen et al., [10]
  1. a; Sixteen of 164 Clade B HIV-1 rev sequences screened from the Los Alamos National Laboratory HIV Database and other published studies [10] contained Pro-74, Leu-104 and/or Pro-106 mutations. Underlined boldface indicates the presence of one or more of these rare amino acid changes.
  2. b; Amino acid frequency was calculated by dividing the number of sequences with the amino acid, or the particular amino acid combination, by the total number of sequences analyzed (n = 164).
  3. c; Patient MA, identified as a LTS with attenuated rev alleles in a previous study by Iversen et al., [10] was included for comparison.
  4. d; LTNP, long-term nonprogressor; LTS, long-term survivor; AIDS, acquired immune deficiency syndrome; N/A, not available.