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Figure 3

From: Efficient inhibition of HIV-1 expression by LNA modified antisense oligonucleotides and DNAzymes targeted to functionally selected binding sites

Figure 3

The effect of antisense LNA versus RNA and DNA on dimerization of HIV-1 RNA. The ability of (A) antisense LNA oligonucleotides directed towards different targets or (B) antisense LNA, RNA or DNA oligonucleotide directed towards the DIS target, to inhibit the formation of the DIS dimer-complex during 30 min incubation were investigated. Monomeric and dimer bands are indicated to the left. (C) A similar experiment, but where the indicated antisense oligonucleotide was added after the dimers were allowed to pre-form for 30 mins and subsequently incubated for the indicated time, hence evaluating the efficiency of breaking a stable DIS dimer-complex as a function of time time. Diamonds = LNADIS; Bullet = RNADIS; Triangle = DNADIS.

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