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Figure 2

From: Efficient inhibition of HIV-1 expression by LNA modified antisense oligonucleotides and DNAzymes targeted to functionally selected binding sites

Figure 2

The effect of antisense LNA on reverse transcription of HIV-1 RNA. An equimolar amount (1pmol) of HIV RNA and LNA oligo was mixed and incubated prior to primer extension using a primer complementary to position 384–401. Antisense LNA oligonucleotides, included LNAAUG (lane 1), LNASD (lane 2), LNADIS (lane 3), LNAPBSD (lane 4), and the major sites of transcriptional termination are indicated to the right. Read through to the 5' end of the HIV-1 RNA is denoted by +1. A sequence latter obtained by dideoxysequencing of the HIV-1 RNA is included in lanes 6–9. The level of read through reverse transcription is calculated as read-through/(read through + paused) × 100% and indicated below.

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