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Table 1 Accession number of the 42 virus isolates used in the nucleotide sequence alignments.

From: No genetic evidence for involvement of Deltaretroviruses in adult patients with precursor and mature T-cell neoplasms

Virus EMBL/Genbank/DDBJ accession number
HTLV-I [EMBL:AY563954] (Brazilian isolate), [EMBL:AY563953] (Brazilian isolate), [GenBank:NC_001436], [EMBL:AF259264] (isolate WHP from China), [EMBL:AF139170] (from an HTLV-I/II seroindeterminate patient), [EMBL:J02029] (Japanese ATL isolate), [EMBL:AF033817], [EMBL:L03561], [EMBL:D13784] (Caribbean isolate), [EMBL:L02534] (Melanesian isolate), [EMBL:U19949] (isolate from an ATL patient), [EMBL:AF042071] (isolate from Germany), [EMBL:L36905] (from a patient with post-transfusion spastic paraparesis)
HTLV-II [GenBank:NC_001488], [EMBL:AF326584] (Brazilian isolate), [EMBL:AF326583] (Brazilian isolate, strain RP329), [EMBL:AF412314] (with HIV coinfection), [EMBL:AF139382] (Brazilian isolate), [EMBL:AF074965] (isolate from a Guahibo Indian from Venezuela), [EMBL:M10060], [EMBL:L11456] (Guyami Indian isolate), [EMBL:Y14365] (Congolese Bambute Efe Pygmy isolate), [EMBL:X89270] (Italian isolate), [EMBL:L20734], [EMBL:Y13051] (African isolate, subtype b)
STLV-I [GenBank:NC_000858] (from a naturally infected tantalus monkey from Central Africa), [EMBL:AY590142] (in Macaca arctoides), [EMBL:Z46900] (from Celebes macaques), [EMBL:AF074966] (isolate Tan90 from Central African Republic)
STLV-II [GenBank:NC_001815], [EMBL:Y14570] (STLV-PP from Pan paniscus), [EMBL:U90557] (from Pan paniscus)
STLV-III [EMBL:AF517775] (from Papio hamadryas papio from Senegal), [GenBank:NC_003323] (from red-capped mangabeys (Cercocebus torquatus) from Cameroon), [EMBL:AY217650] (from Theropithecus gelada), [EMBL:AY222339] (from a red-capped mangabey – Cercocebus torquatus torquatus – from Nigeria), [EMBL:Y07616] (STLV-PH969 from a Hamadryas baboon)
BLV [GenBank:NC_001414], [EMBL:AF257515] (from a Holstein cow from Argentina), [EMBL:K02120] (Japanese isolate), [EMBL:AF033818], [EMBL:D00647] (Australian isolate)