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Figure 4

From: Analysis of the replication of HIV-1 forced to use tRNAMet(i)supports a link between primer selection, translation and encapsidation

Figure 4

Comparison of intracellular levels of tRNAMet(e) or tRNAMet(i). Panel A. Analysis of tRNAs from SupT1 cells. Increasing amounts of in vitro transcribed tRNA and total RNA isolated from SupT1 cells were subjected to Northern blot analysis. Each sample set was probed with the corresponding polynucleotide [γ-32P] kinased oligo nucleotide. Shown is a picture of the audioradiogram from the probed samples. The amount of radioactivity in each spot was determined by excising the region and direct counting.Panel B. Comparison of the relative amounts of tRNAs from SupT1 cells. The amounts of tRNALys,3, tRNAMet(e) or tRNAMet(i) was determined from the quantitative analysis of the Northern blot presented in Panel A. When amount of tRNALys,3 was set at 100%, the levels of tRNAMet(e) and tRNAMet(i) were approximately equal and overall approximately 50% that of tRNALys,3.

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