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Figure 1

From: Analysis of the replication of HIV-1 forced to use tRNAMet(i)supports a link between primer selection, translation and encapsidation

Figure 1

tRNA and HIV-1 proviruses. Panel A. tRNAMet(e) and tRNAMet(i). HeLa cell tRNAMet(e) and tRNAMet(i). The nucleotides shown in large boldface type in the tRNA are complementary to the PBS of the viral RNA genome. Diagram of tRNAMet as described by Harada et al [49]. Panel B. Genomes with PBS complementary to tRNAMet(e) or tRNAMet(i). The 5' region of the HIV-1 RNA genome is expanded to depict the locations of sequences having complementarity with the 3' 18 nucleotides of the tRNA (bolded). The wild-type PBS (nucleotides 183 to 200) in HXB2 was replaced with the PBS complementary to the 3'-terminal 18 nucleotides of tRNAMet(e) [HXB2-Met(e)] or tRNAMet(i) [HXB2-Met(i)].

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